彼得 · 兰德曼

Peter Landman 


Peter and his wife Carole are the founders of Camp Kennybrook and have realized their vision of making it the ideal overnight summer kids camp at a  great value. Peter was the heart and soul of Camp Kennybrook. He was the ultimate “camper” and loved every day spent on campus with his Kennybrook family. His devotion to Camp Kennybrook motivated his children, Howard and Stacey, to learn all aspects of camping. Over the many  years, Peter was a teacher, a coach, the Regional Director of Admissions for The George Washington University, and Vice President of the American  Camp Association.Peter’s spirit carries on as his vision still guides us today.

菲尔 · 爱德森是兰德曼家族非常特殊的一个成员。菲尔是跟着营地成长起来的。从营员,领队到今天负责营地项目总体策划和发展,菲尔跟随兰德曼家族走过了近20年。菲尔设计了营地最受欢迎的 项目之一“Rookie Day”。菲尔分别获得长岛霍夫斯特拉大学法学院学士学位和纽约州立大学宾汉姆顿大学的硕士学位。

Phil is our Assistant Director and grew up at Kennybrook as a camper, a counselor, and is currently involved with many areas of camp. Phil has been part of  the Kennybrook family for over 18 years. He’s extremely smart and personable. He is also the Director of the Kennybrook Tour and “Rookie Day”  Program, and creates the daily/weekly schedule for all age groups. Phil earned his law degree at Hofstra University and is a graduate of Binghamton  University. He lives in Woodbury, NY, and works with us throughout the year.

菲尔 · 爱德森

Phil Edelson  


Colleen McGourley

凯琳负责整个营地项目的开发,协调和营地的管理。凯琳是一个非常有趣的人,她永远带着微笑。凯琳在英格兰长大,她毕业于英国达勒 姆大学。于1998年加入兰德曼家族参与营地的管理。作为营地的主要管理人,凯琳不断在营地项目多元化的发展和推广上不断努力。

Colleen is our Assistant Director and Girls Head Counselor, and has been with us for over 16 years. She’s a fun-spirited person and always brings a  smile to our Kennybrook campers . She works year-round for Camp Kennybrook, and manages our winter office in Ardsley, NY. Colleen grew up in  England and graduated from Durham New College. She arrived at Kennybrook in 1998, as a bunk counselor and over the years has been our Athletic  Director and Associate Director. Colleen fell in love with Kennybrook many years ago, and is currently involved with all aspects of planning and  implementing our programs. During the winter months, Colleen resides in Bogota, NJ.

艾尼 · 格芬是兰德曼家族营地就职时间最久的人物,至今已超过35年。他的孩子和孙子都是兰德曼家族营地的营员。艾尼是男孩项目组的领队,同时艾尼设计并带领营地最受欢迎的项目之一“Teen  Travel Adventures”. 他同时协助策划和设计冬季项目内容。

Arnie is pretty much a permanent fixture at Camp Kennybrook, with over 35 years of dedicated stellar service. His children attended Camp Kennybook and  his grandchildren are now campers. Arnie is our Boys Head Counselor and has created and directed our popular “Teen Travel Adventures.” He also  assists with planning and programming over the winter months. Arnie and his wife Wendi live in New City, NY, and he teaches at the Reuben Gittleman  Day School with a Masters in Adult and Community Education.

艾尼 · 格芬

Arnie Garfin