Brand Story of Uoutlook Camp Education


Uoutlook International Camp education, originally derived from American style camp~



Since the first batch of campers to the United States on July 14, 2014, Chinese campers have been organized to visit campsites and study tours in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Japan. A total of more than 3000 campers and parents from all over the country have successively participated in our international winter and summer camps, overseas study tours and research; Most of them study in the universities of Europe and North American, or are studying in private and bilingual schools in China.

Uoutlook International Camp education, is not limited to American style camps~


With the first batch of international and domestic campers entered Camp Uoutlook on July 1, 2017. Camp Uoutlook has served more than 20000 campers from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and special administrative regions by the end of 2020, that including overseas campers from the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and Thailand.
Camp Uoutlook has truly achieved international language, international sports and international camp culture. The types of camp programs range from popular themes such as classic American style and Magic drama to personalized themes such as natural science examination, marine biology research, Yunnan science examination, Gobi hiking, outdoor survival, skiing, public welfare in old revolutionary base areas, parenting trip and customized programs to meet the growth needs of primary and secondary school students aged 5-17;


We are constantly moving forward and growing. On the basis of international and domestic camps, travel research and learning activities in the past few years, we have formed a series of theme camps of urban exploration and natural exploration covering social league classes in the middle of the week, weekends and national holidays. The duration of the camp is from half a day to 2 weeks;


The goal of Uoutlook camp education is to make all campers participating in our activities grow step by step from "seafarers" to "young captains" with leadership and excellent comprehensive quality, and become all-round development talents with international vision and 4C + I (communication, unity and cooperation, creative innovation, critical thinking + independent ability)!
      通过一系列高品质的项目,帮助孩子短期内提升外语、开拓视野、培养独立生活能力,动手操作能力和团队合作意识秉承“快乐  收获  成长”的理念,培养勇气,责任与荣耀!
Through a series of high-quality programs, helping children improve their foreign language ability, broaden their horizons, cultivate their independent living ability, hands-on operation ability and teamwork spirits in a short time. Adhering to the concept of "happy, harvest and growth", cultivate courage, responsibility and glory!

Uoutlook International Camp education, headquartered in Shanghai, adheres to the concept of serving the whole country based on the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. It has established stable cooperative relations with more than 30 primary and secondary schools and educational institutions in East and South China.